Open Access

Open access increases citation rate

"We found strong evidence that, even in a journal that is widely available in research libraries, OA articles are more immediately recognized and cited by peers than non-OA articles published in the same journal. OA is likely to benefit science by accelerating dissemination and uptake of research findings"
Eysenbach G (2006) Citation advantage of open access articles. PLoS Biol 4(5): e157.

List of the open access journals: DOAJ

News and links on open access publishing:

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Yes you can: put the publisher PDF version of your article on your homepage!

Preprint and postprint versions can be posted on institutional archives as ArXiv. Many journals allow to archive publisher's PDF versions of articles on your own homepage.
Find out on the SHERPA/RoMEO site a summary of permissions that are granted as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement.

And YES: try to negotiate in order to be allowed to put the publisher PDF version of the article on the ArXiv. Also try to avoid signing a copyright transfer agreement at all.

Open Access publishing at reduced or no fees at all for ETHZ members

Find in the page below the publishers and journals via which members of ETH Zurich can publish Open Access material at preferential rates thanks to the institutional membership held by ETH Zurich or through subscriptions held by the ETH-Bibliothek. (Scroll down until you see the table called OA publishing at reduced fees).